Auto Detailing Packages

We Come To You Each detail package provides custom services designed to support any vehicle type. Our detailing professionals work from custom checklists in order to assure every request is fulfilled and nothing is missed. Autobahn Mobile Detailing is proud to use Zaino products to detail your car, coupe, trusk or SUV. Unlike your local car wash, we only use Micro Fiber towels engineered to minimize unsightly scratches and even some swirl marks on surface paint. We double and triple check every step in our custom detailing processes to assure your satisfaction with our work.

Our Detailing Packages

Bronze Dressy Package

(No time for wax? The perfect quick vehicle protection package for shine and protection inside and out)

  • $40 (Full detail inside and out w/ Spray wax) - You Pay Zero Tax!
  • *2 Vehicles for $30 each - You Save $20.00
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Silver Sparkle Package

(Zaino Polish swirl remover is used to give your vehicle a deep wet look. We also clean and condition all leather surfaces. Zaino Polish does remove swirly marks and fine scratches and also gives the car a deep shine and is very reflective. 3 Month Protection)

  • $75* (Full detail inside out w/ Zaino wax) - You Pay Zero Tax!
  • *3-4 months UV protection and rain
  • *2 Vehicles for $60 each - You Save $30.00!
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GOLD Signature Package

Recommended for Most Cars! This is the best value for your vehicle. You get more for your money point blank. Carpets are pre-treated with prochrem biodegradable products to help fight grease and dirt. We then steam clean all of the interior floor mats, seats, trunk, and floor carpets. This package includes Z-5 PRO polish, which represents the summit of modern paint care and protection technology, and boasts more shine, more gloss, more depth, more clarity, greater reflectivity, and improved swirl-hiding properties.

  • $120 (Full detail inside and out w/ Zaino wax; steam clean all carpets, seats, floor mats, and trunk) - You Pay Zero Tax
  • *3 month protection
  • *2 Vehicles for $100 each - You Save $40.00!
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Platinum VIP/Celebrity Treatment

Z-8 Grand Finaleâ„¢ Spray will be added for a final touch. You are going to be treated like a celebrity and so will your vehicle. This package includes engine detail with claybar to remove scuff marks and rough spots on paints. This package will make your car look better than 90 percent of vehicles on the road!

  • $130 (Full detail inside and out w/ Clay Bar to remove rough spots and help wax bond to paint, steam clean all carpets or 
    cloth, engine detail degrease and shine plastics) - You Pay Zero Tax!
  • *5-6 month protection
  • *2 Vehicles for $120 Each - You Save $20.00!
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VVS Diamond Package

  • $160 (full detail inside out w/ Clay Bar, Two coats of Zaino wax pink and purple, Zaino Grand Finale Spray, Engine Detail degrease and shine plastics) - You Pay Zero Tax!
  • *9 month guarnateed UV and rain protection! 
  • *5-6 month protection
  • *2 Vehicles for $130 Each - You Save $60.00!
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Fabulous Interior Shampoo Package

Premium care for the interior of your car! All purpose degrease will be used on the door panels, dash, and center dash board. Then we apply matte shine on door panels and dash.

  • $80-$100 (Depends on the vehicle's condition when it is received) - You Pay Zero Tax!
  • Full Interior steam clean (carpets, seats, floors and trunk)
  • *2 cars for $70.00 each. You save $20.00!

Pink Crystal Package

This is our eco friendly, Gone Green! package. ($10 dollars of the total amount will go to the fight for women's breast cancer research). Full detail inside out with steam clean on the inside and wash and wax on the outside. Wheels and tires and Zaino wax w/ 4 months of protection. We use zero water to detail your vehicle. We use a liquid product and a new technology called Waterless Wash system. It's the new way to be environmental friendly and the results are amazing.

  • $150 - You Pay Zero Tax!
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Corporate, Fleet, and Car Dealerships Vehicle Detailing

Weekly or Bi-weekly

  • Starts at $25*/Sedans
  • Starts at $30*/SUVs & Trucks
  • Starts at $35*/Large SUVs & Vans
  • * Prices May Vary Based on Size & Condition of Vehicle

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Email for appointments also: Please send all car information with home address and what time and date you would like our team to arrive.