Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you bring your own water and electricity (Power Generator)
    Answer: Yes, we supply everything to detail your vehicle.
  2. Do you use cotton towels on vehicles, motor homes, and boats?
    Answer: No, We use microfiber towels only for exterior use. This helps maintaining a scratch free paint job everytime.
  3. How long does each package normally take?
    Answer: Bronze-30 minutes, Silver-60 minutes, Gold-2 hours, Platinum-3 hours, VVS-4 hours
  4. What if you set a time for autobahn mobile detailing to come and cant make it on time?
    Answer: We normally need a hour window before or after the time based on driving distances, traffic, Navigation
  5. Do you guarentee your work?
    Answer: Yes 100 percent! We have great reviews!
  6. I have tree sap or something rough on my vehicle, can you remove that?
    Answer: Yes, we can use a claybar treatment and remove any scuff marks, tree sap, or grit from painted surfaces.
  7. How long does it take to detail a motor home rv averaging of 30 feet long?
    Answer: 3-4 hours inside out with steam cleaning carpets and wash wax
  8. How long does it take to detail a boat?
    Answer: Depending on size, 3-5 hours and how oxidized the paint is.
  9. Do you accept credit cards, checks, and cash?
    Answer: Yes we accept all forms of payment even paypal
  10. Can you remove stains such as: Coffee, water marks, brown stains?
    Answer: Yes, we use a paint oil and grease remover with our eco friendly pre spray for all carpets, floor mats, seats,  and trunk